Carver/engraver alignment tool

I just designed this tool to help in squaring up the carver/engraver medium to the print axes. I hope someone finds it useful.


Bravo @TheBum

Well done, I will have a go at this in the weeks ahead. I was about to design something basic myself.

I also suggested that the Snapmaker base plate could benefit from having a grid pattern on it, whether it be a light etching or a decal to assist with setting up projects.


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I’m probably going to design a smaller version that omits the outermost holes. It will be printable in one piece on the Snapmaker and will work better if you’re carving something with a fence around the platform.

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Smaller version is done and has been added to the Thing.

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A vice version of this would be awesome! With different measurements marked on it or something :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get working on one :smiley:


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I have made this, works very well :slight_smile:

Can you share a photo pf how this would work with a smaller/bigger piece? I am guessing the multiple holes is to allow for different sizes (not thickness)

I did, on the Thingiverse page. The first photo is a thinner piece and the second is a thicker piece.