Can't even figure out sample project

I am a total noob to the snapmaker and laser cutting in general. I can’t even get the sample box to cut all the way through the ply!
I’m just using all the preloaded settings, any help would be appreciated.
Also, is there a decent manual or tutorials specifically on Luban?

It seems that you need to adjust the laser height on the touchscreen.

Here is an article for your reference:

Our technical writer team plan to release a Snapmaker Luban tutorial. But, the software user interface changes a lot, it is difficult for me and our TW team to write the tutorial.

Please let me know what do you like to know, the parameter definitions or the laser settings?

Here is an article for your reference:


Thankyou Edwin. Yes the height my machine was at was 31mm, I changed it to 19.7mm and had high hopes for success this time, but sadly it was a similar result.

I’m also having trouble with the auto focus. Every time I try and recalibrate it says it’s failed and asks me to look manually. As a real newbie I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for in a perfect line.

I agree - as a newbie I wasn’t exactly sure what to look for when the focal length procedure “failed” to auto detect the best line. I’ve run the procedure twice so far - and both times it fails to detect the “best” line. It would be helpful if SM added some text to the “Failed…” message that explains exactly what to look for. And, why does it fail in the first place?


Thank you for your prompt reply.

Could you please send the photo of the warning on the touchscreen? You wrote Every time I try and recalibrate it says it’s failed and asks me to look manually.

Please share the text on the touchscreen.

Thank you in advance.


This is now the 4th or 5th time I’ve attempted, and it says failed every time.

Same here. How should I chose manually if I don’t know how it should look?

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You want the thinnest/sharpest line ( Comments on Quick Start Guide and Laser User Manual - #11 by brent113 goes into a bit more detail). For the selection of lines in the third post here, the “best” line is probably a bit right of the middle.

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If you cannot tell which line is the thinnest, I recommend you choose the middle one.

So one should look for the thinnest line visible?

Exactly. The beam is narrowest where it’s best focused.

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Yes, users can select the thinnest lines manually if the calibration process is failed. If all the lines are about the same width, it is would be better to select the middle one.


Correct. Thank you for your explanation.

Users can read page 65 in the quick start guide.