Camera for Snapmaker J1

is it possible, to add a camera to the snapmaker J1, using one of the USB-Ports?
i want to control the printing from another room. Is there a solution? Luban?
Or can i use Octoprint?


I don’t think it’s quite ready for OctoPrint. I tried using it on a couple of prints, and when the file was run locally, it printed beautifully, but run through OctoPrint, there were all kinds of weird extruder movement issues and it would never print correctly.

I use Octopi for all my printing and have had no issues. Also use the camera to monitor the print from my living room.

As outlined by Jade Wu in J1 FAQ here, this should be possible if you want to just use octoprint for a camera hub. Controlling J1 with octoprint is crippled by the fact that the Marlin option HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS is disabled (maybe latest Firmware 2.5.10 supports it, haven’t checked).

See here for more details: OctoPrint tells me my firmware lacks support for "host action commands", what does this mean? - FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum

Such a shame really. Camera is a standard feature these days…another missed opportunity by NOT releasing the Marlin firmware. But luckily, promises have been made by Jade

Do you use both extruders? I had some success using a single extruder, but got all kinds of weird behavior with dual extrusion.

If you need an holder