Calibrating my SM350 bed

After some initial measurements thru the calibration routine I temporaily added some washer underneath in some spots to somehow level the bed. As the washers are loose changing the bed and repeatability is an issue.

I now did a more precise way and had ordered some thin 0.1/0.2/0.3 stainless steel washers from eBay.

Attached a dial indicator to the Z axis and ran a grid screw hole by screw hole which I tracked in Excel. Front left screw hole in the bed was my reference (zero point).

Bed without any washers:

After super gluing washers as needed to the grid:

I am now level within ~ 0.15mm across the bed. Close enough for the time being… Gotta check if I can get 0.05mm washers…

without question you can find .05mm shim stock

doesnt need to be this expensive or anything, jut its available :smiley:

In case you wanted to go down the rabbit hole…

(No idea on price, probably not worth it…but it’s a rabbit hole, that could be explored none-the-less)

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