Build volume vs work area ? 400mm x 400mm x 400mm?

I was hoping that the artisan would provide a really impressive build volume.

Something like 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m

However I was a bit disappointed to find that the build area is restricted to


Is this a physical limitation…

or potentialy could the 50mm be re reclaimed by a future softwareupgrade ?

I’m a bit confused - Snapmaker to my knowledge always claimed 400x400x400 for the Artisan - where did you read about the plus you expected?
As for 350mm instead of 400 for 3D printing: This seems to come from the dual extrusion head, where one nozzle cannot reach the full 400 mm - same for the dual extrusion head on SM 2.0 - it reduces available build volume. I assume(!) that if you attached a Snapmaker 2.0 single extrusion head (which I believe would need an adapter to the quick change system) to the Artisan, you might get to 400 mm also in 3D printing.
All this is only assumptions - I never planned to buy Artisan, so I followed its development only out of interest without deeper thinking.

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It was really a bit of wishfull thinking based on a proposal for a, now defunct, add-in which is now dead-- around 2019ish. Its all a bit hazy