Bridging Issue when printing

I just got the snapmaker original, and every time I print a bridge it always comes out wrong (though with smaller bridges it’s much less noticable); not filling in the whole thing, spaghetti on the bottom of the bridge. It seems like the filament sometimes breaks partway through the bridge and causes there to be gaps in the bridge, also leading to ends that stick up and getting in the way.

Below is the temperature tower I printed, 220 on the bottom, 190 on the top. I’ve also tried a retraction tower and had the same issue. I’ve replaced the hot end with the spare one I got, and I’ve played around with various settings in Cura, but nothing seems to fix it.

Maybe this topic helps you a bit:

What filament do you use?- If its the snapmaker filament try to dehumidify it or buy a new spool from another company.

Try the temp tower under section 4, there is a gcode to run.- Please be sure to switch the machine off if there is a collision or something (no waranty for the gcode, but it worked a long time ago).

There should be some bridging parameters to set in cura, have a look about.
I use Simplify3d so no fast answer, sry.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried dehumidifying the snapmaker filament, but I did buy another filament (Flashforge PLA) and that has the same issues, unfortunately.

I have tried a different temperature tower (pictured above), though not with the new filament. I should probably try the temperature tower on the new filament to see if there is any difference.

I have also tried the bridging setting in Cura and no luck there either.

I did wonder if maybe it was the print speed that was causing issues, but I haven’t had the chance to test it yet. Unfortunately I managed to clog the nozzle, so I spent my spare time on the weekend fixing that, so any other tests had to be put on hold.

part cooling is very important when printing bridges and the snapmaker doesn’t have the best cooling on the print head,

  • Not sure what fan speed your using but you could try 100% fan speed for bridges.
  • Also I always try to design and print models in an orientation that removes or at least reduces bridges.
  • Another thing you could try is reducing print speed which i read can help but I’ve never tried it myself.
  • And if all else fails you could always print with supports but I’m not a fan of that option.

Thanks, I actually just printed a fan duct to help with part cooling and it seems to have really helped with the bridges, so I think you were right about the cooling issue.

I printed this : Snapmaker Air flow mini duct for extruder fan by Allnet4you - Thingiverse

While this duct does help with bridges, it makes the rest of the print rougher than it used to be, so I’ll probably try some other fan duct.

I also tried modifying print speed, but it didn’t have that much effect.