Bowden connectors/couplers

thanks for the reply, i forgot you were in Austria, :smile: not good at reading german :laughing:

someone else found it useful though - thanks

I got a filament drying machine and i was wanting to look at the prospect of using the tubing

My only experience with similar was a low pressure air application

Do you think a fitting like this would be appropriate to add to the top of the 3dp module and insert the hose from one area to the next?

Is there a threaded adaptor for the 3dp module designed or should i make one. I guess i could easy enough.

I think id like to set up the drybox to the 3dp module and put the drybox on top of enclosure for a nice short run

Thats was I use at the time


I had no enclosure on my 250 for the first year then added enclosure with intent to start laser projects. I have since adding the enclosure had to adjust the filament routing and have been using your Thing:4574858 and really like the clean look and how I think it is helping avoid sharp angles from the spool on top enclosure to the side enclosure entry hole to the print head.

BUT - It seems like I have had much more trouble with filament feed stopping. It seems like the setup creates a bit more friction and through a longer print will stop the feed midway. Then I have to go through the Gcode edit process to resume mid project etc. Also it is hard to feed new filament into the head with the printed circle connector that is used to replace the metal original connector so the press fit tube piece can screw into print head.
Do you have experience like this with the tubing as seen in your picture?