Better milling bits - better results!

Hi folks,

until recently, I did a few CNC milling projects, using the stock Snapmaker CNC milling bits. I always needed to go shallow and slow, the toolhead flexing and struggeling a lot if I did not. Now I have a project running, where I need to cut 3 cm deep, and that’s just too much for the short Snapmaker bits. So I got myself a set of bits of mid-range pricing, among those a 6mm bit with 32 mm cutting depth capability. Fusion 360 calculated a feedrate of 2550 mm/min - so roughly 40 mm/s. That sounded a lot to me, but I thought: let’s give it a try. I started the job, my nervous hand hovering over the stop button, but - lo and behold - the bit cut through the wood like butter!

Here’s a video:

The spindle was a bit at its limit - instead of 12.000 rpm it managed 11.300 rpm at the deepest cuts.

So long story short: Better bits result in better results! Can only recommend to invest a bit into quality here.

EDIT: Just realize my text may be a bit misleading: Of course you cannot mill 3 cm deep in one go at 40 mm/s - here in the video it was only 0.5 mm stepdown, but I can tell that 2mm stepdown also worked, the spindle struggeling even more.


CNC go vrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I regularly run a 1/8" down spiral @ 1000mm/m, 1mm stepdown and it never drops the RPM. I surely need to push it harder! The biggest issue I see is you will have to go back with a slower pass for any fine details or accuracies, since the tool runout is quite high, and the rigidity is a bit low on the snapmaker. Only if accuracy is required, of course. If you have plenty of tolerance and just need it to destroy material, you’ve got that. :upside_down_face: For being only 50W, the spindle is actually quite a workhorse, I’ve done the above speeds and feeds through solid red oak and maple with no issue.

On what type of wood and what amount of step-down?
Without knowing either of those quoting speed numbers is meaningless.
There’s a huge difference between speed you can go on soft pine vs. a hardwood like walnut or maple.


In my case it does not really matter - the wood is the same, the stepdown is the same, so the quality bits are just better than the stock Snapmaker ones, which is not too much of a surprise, since they cost considerably more. My point is: It is absolutely worth to invest in this better quality - jobs will be faster, and results more precise.

What bits did you buy? Where did you purchase them?

Got the small set:

Nice about it: Fusion 360 library is readily there for download.

also, got myself a collet set:

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A bit of an update - the video shows the first of a set of four. Currently running #2, and decided to increase to 1mm stepdown. With the relatively soft wood no issue - until I hit a harder piece of wood where an embedded branch was. The spindle stopped dead and the toolhead got stuck. Fortunately I was just beside the machine when it happened and could hit the Stop-button.
So, the spindle is clearly a limiting factor with its 50W…
Back to shallow, but still going fast :slight_smile:
…and happy to have the Stop-button :slight_smile: