Beta Snapmakers are ALL Shipped Out!


Hi Doug,

We just sent the survey to backers yesterday. We will send the survey to those who pre-ordered from June 6 to August 15 this week. Please stay tuned!

Best regards,



You are wonderful, I shall keep my eyes open :eyes: for the survey.

Keep having fun

Doug :grin:


RE: Beta Snapmakers are ALL Shipped Out!

any update on “early adopters” (i think that’s me…)…

would luv to see “Beta Snapmakers are ALL Shipped Out!” changed to
"Snapmaker Early Adopters ALL Shipped Out!"… :slight_smile:

I’ll quit pestering everybody when I get my SnapMaker…





In the process of filling out the survey, there are offers of ADD-ONS to be purchased…

If I purchase any of them, will this delay shipment of my SnapMaker already purchased…?


If I do NOT purchase any of the ADD-ONS at this time, how would I purchase an ADD-ONS

I really like the Enclosure, since I will be doing a lot of CNC, so dust and noise is an issue…

But I want my SnapMaker NOW…

Please answer soonest…



Hi @Rainie

A HUGE thank you! I received my survey and have completed it. I look forward to the order progressing. Take care and have a great week.



Well, answered my own question…

Completed survey with no changes/purchases to prevent any delay…

Want more money from me, they’ll find a way…

Thanx to all involved…

get outta the way doug, me first… :wink:




hahahaha, Australia is closer to China for delivery… they just have to drop it over the equator. Your customs will be scanning yours for 6 months to make sure it is not WMD ( a weapon of mass development).

Keep having fun :laughing:



may vegemite come outta yer ears…





i got all excited about the next shipment…

yeah yeah, i know, everybody doing what can be done…

feel like breaking and shooting things anyway…

william… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


hahahaha, the American solution “breaking and shooting things”. Take care and relax and make sure you make it to March.



Sorry for my late reply…

  1. It won’t postpone the shipment if you order add-ons.
  2. If you receive the survey 2 days ago, your product will be shipped in December (pre-orders placed from June 6 to August 15) or January (pre-orders placed from August 16 to September 21), not March.



Thanks, I completed my survey and purchased add-ons… and really, really looking forward to learning to use and work with the Snapmaker.

hahahaha just make sure I receive mine before @william.o.yates who is in the back-blocks of America

Take care and have a great weekend.



Been hunting high and low to find this ‘survey’, but nothing has come up or found.
Backed this in April last year, still no delivery date confirmation as yet. §Backer number #3,409


Thinking of getting this printer, thats is the delivery time today send to Denmark?


None :slight_smile: well i ordre it anyway, so we must see when it get here.


@Rainie: I can’t post new topics to the getting started or hardware thread, keep getting the message “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” So hopefully you can move this to the right forum(s) instead:

Just received my unit and am putting it together… and am already having problems on step 1 :frowning:

The M4 8 screws provided are not long enough to fully pass thru the feet and screw into the base plate.

As you can see from the pics, only a portion of the first thread of the screw is even visible when the foot is turned side on.