Bed and Nozzle warm up

Is there a way to reduce the delay in getting the bed and nozzle heated by having that happen at the same time the the print head alignment is going on?

Seems like it takes about a minute or two for the 3D printhead to get all lined up at all the reference points (A350 has a bigger work platform so takes longer) and only after all that happens then the nozzle and bed heating kicks in.

Seems like a waste of time when they could probably be done simultaneously so that shortly after the alignment was performed, the print job would start. Right now it’s something like 4-5 minutes just to get going.


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I looked at the GCode Luban creates and I believe it is telling it to start heating before it does the calibration but it may not be updating the temperature read out while calibration is going on. This needs to be verified. Could be the the Touchscreen code needs a fix for that. Maybe the routine for calibrating needs to update the temperature readout.

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From what I understand, calibration offsets will be different when bed/nozzle are heated as opposed to cold calibration. I have an Ender 3, and am supposed to calibrate buildplate offset while both build plate and hot end are both around 150°. My point is that you may incur a different offset if you happen to try running the calibration after/during the heating process as opposed to how the unit is coded now.

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