Automatic calibration: pressing the bed down

During the automatic calibration I have noticed that by the end of each point the nozzles presses the bed down so much that it bends it in that area. Is this suppose to happen? Should that process instead have a distance sensor that comes close to the bed but never touches it?

No, it should not be doing that. Yes, there is a sensor in the back corner of the print head that should prevent it from happening, but that sensor needs to be set to a specific height. Follow these instructions and you should be good.

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I have this issue as well. I read the Troubleshooting Guide that there should be a red LED visible in the Probe Sensor (Page 15) or at the link @Mxbrnr provided. However, there is no light coming from mine. I also tried going into Luban and executing the Reset to Factory Defaults macro and tried again with the same results.

I’ve only had the printer a few weeks (Christmas present to self and family) and need to know how to get the 3D Printing Module replaced with one that is not broken? I’m also worried that because of the great force to push the bed down to the linear module, something was damaged or bent with the print bed.

Anyone have suggestions? I’ve emailed support, and only got the “we got your message” response.