Auto leveling with Luban

Hello togehter,

i have a issue with my touchpad and i hav open a case.

I can use the A250 with USB and Luban. But is it possible to make the auto leveling with Luban?


I would like to know the answer to this question! I was able to auto level when setting up the device, but now there is no option on the touchpad, and I can’t find the settings.

there is a way to do so via g-code, i would like to find the process myself because you can assign a larger grid. i know its on the forums someplace.

If you swipe the screen to the left youll see more menus, including calibration, from the home screen (not during a print)

From the Luban 4.4.0 program, you can connect to your device via a USB to Mini USB cable. Then connect from the workspace using a serial port. (you can download the drivers from Snapmaker)
Then you can use G1029

G1029 P3 (3x3 matrix)
G1029 A Starts automatic probing 3x3 matrix
Manually adjust Z axis height from the options on the right in the workspace
G1029 S saves the setting
G91 will set the Z axis leveling relative to the leveling data
Bing bang boom. here’s a link

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