Auto Focus Failed

When I calibrate the Lasermodul it won’t choose the best engraved line because the camera can’t see it right

thx for help

OK but to help infos are needed, please explain your problem a little closer.

Sorry for my late reply
I dont have any infos when the camera should pick the best line that has been engraved it says it faild because auto focus can not see the lines

I also had that issue, and ended up disabling auto calibration. It really doesn’t take any longer to use manual calibration, and in my opinion gets you a more consistent calibration. It’s in the touchscreen settings, and you just select the thinnest line.

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Ok yeah i also did that and takes not much time but i choosed the middle line. so you recommend the thinest line?

Here’s what I do in a bit more detail. If the line is too close to the left or right you should pick the far left or far right line (whatever’s closest) and re-run calibration again.

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Thanks really helpful :+1:t3:

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