Artisan builds polygonal instead of round

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actually I’m not quite sure if this belongs into category Artisan or category Luban. I’m using a snapmaker artisan (most resent firmware) and Luban v 4.11.0 . Everytime I want to print a shaft (so something round) it turns the shape into something octagonal or with even more edges. The error occurs right after inserting the object into Luban. Round objects occur polygonal there.

For comparison, I’ve added a PDF from Inventor 2021 (shows the shaft as it should be) and a picture after the Artisan was finished.

This is the PDF with the image as it should look like:

And this is a foto taken from above; It looks a bit weird as I held the phonie a bit askew…

As I don’t experience such issues with other 3D printers, I’m rather sure it’s either the slicer software (here: Luban) or the printer itself.

Any ideas? Maybe I have to change some settings? Alternative software I could use?

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Which CAD application are you using?

Did you try a different slicer?
I can recommend Ultimaker Cura recommend for testing. They do have a Snapmaker plugin in the market place to get the Artisan set up.

With this you can identify wether the issue belongs to the printer (very unlikely) or the slicer.

I cannot access the files, it always comes with a additional layer to send a request for access.

Dear spucky,

thank you for your response and advice. I think I have solved the issue. I’m using Autodesk Inventor 2021 (at work) and Autodesk Fusion 360 (at home). The problem was quite simple, the export settings had to be adjusted as they suggest a medium resolution by default. Setting the resolution for stl-export to “high” (in Fusion) solves the issue.

Interestingly, I had this problem with both Snapmaker Luban and Prusa Slicer, however it didn’t occur with Bambu. As it is for the Artisan, I’ll do some experiments with alternative slicers (Prusa with custom settings, Cura, etc.)

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I stepped into a similar trap with my previous printer and the lower resolution of exported arches.

Before moving to an Artisan, i was using Orca Slicer. But there is no profile ready so far, you might need to create a new one based on Snapmaker A350. But it might not be 100% accurate.

I am using Cura in many cases as there is a Snapmaker Plugin available in the marketplace.
This allows to select the Artisan as printer and you can upload the GCODE files from within the application over the network.

The only disadvantage is that not all details are visible then on the touchscreen.

Luban underlying core is Cura in a previous version, modified by Snapmaker