Apology for the Profile Data Loss After Luban 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 Upgrades & Preview of the Snapmaker Luban Beta Program

Hi makers,

We sincerely apologize for your custom profile loss after Luban 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 upgrades which were released on December 13, 2021.

We found issues in material, printing, and tool settings and made a terrible decision to fix it by deleting the 3DP/CNC profiles. As a result, the custom profiles are deleted after the upgrade and can’t be recovered. The Luban 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 have been replaced with a fixed version on December 27 and the latest version, 4.1.3 incorporates that fix.

As makers ourselves, we understand that all those custom settings were set up over the previous weeks, months, or even years after lots of trials and errors. It’s totally frustrating to have them missing and is going to be a huge pain to rediscover. We deeply regret that we made such an unacceptable mistake and failed to deliver the reliable software support you’ve come to expect from us.

At Snapmaker, customer satisfaction is highly valued. Our R&D team has been taking this issue seriously and is taking appropriate measures to ensure it would not happen again in the future, including:

  1. Prohibit permanent deletion of user profile data and add a backup in other file locations if necessary to ensure users’ accessibility to historical data.
  2. In terms of product and technical solutions, strengthen the product capabilities of the profile database to ensure continuous upgrades.
  3. Add test cases for profile compatibilities. Only when the safety of user data is confirmed can the latest version of the software be released.
  4. If the user data is not compatible with the upgrade, the user will receive a notification before the automatic update and will only start the process after confirmation (will also back up the data as listed in 1).

Again, we feel sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

We conducted the Luban user survey earlier this month and received hundreds of valuable feedback. There’s much more we could do to improve and thank you all for your continuous support. On this occasion and as required by our dedicated users, we would like to take a preview of the upcoming Snapmaker Luban Beta Program that will be officially launched in 2022.

About the Snapmaker Luban Beta Program

Play a role in improving Luban before its next releases and get early access to the latest features and updates. As a member of the Luban Beta Program, you can take part in shaping Luban software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know your timely and effective feedback.

We are looking for those who are…

  • willing to spend a certain amount of time in Beta Test Program
  • Snapmaker machine owners
  • capable of English writing
  • active Luban/other 3DP/Laser/CNC software users

How many people are recruited into the program?

10 members for the trial

How to sign up?

Send your name and email address to support@snapmaker.com and you will be included in the Snapmaker Luban Beta Program database. More details will be finalized and released later via email in January 2022 after your enrollment. Stay tuned!

Warm regards,

Team Snapmaker


The least thing would be to offer an coupon for you online store, so the people who have lost can recover their settings by trial and error again at your cost.

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I just installed mac version and after importing stl file and creating goode when transferring to workplace the page is empty and cannot transfer to A350

Did the same file on old version on windows laptop and it worked fine.

Is there an issue with mac version?

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I second this, I lost 5 rolls of expensive filament because of the errors from the last 2 updates. Some kind of compensation would be nice.

Couldn’t you have a mac version on the appstore? If not, the app seems very amateur, on the appstore it seems that you have applications made that are also compatible with the new M1 processors?

I have no idea if there’s a problem with the Mac version, but I have halted all iMac/ Luban file transfers to my A350 as I was stupid enough to update the firmware and Luban to the newest which resulted to that I cannot / will not use Luban for anything at the time being. I have the same problems as you have so I just generate the GCode ( in my case CNC VCarve Desktop ) and transfer the files through USB memory stick and operate the functions from A350 controller. I sincerely hope the team will fix the problem soon…

Even though it never should happen, it would be usefull to know, where the Profiles Data are stored.
With that knowledg it si possible to prevent against data loss with a smart back up strategy.
So please let us now, where the data is stored!

I’ve always used the controls built in to Luban to export and import profiles, that way you get to choose your own file location.

I have now 4.1.3 version. How can I solve this problem and get the workspace info back?
Stay safe

It seems we don’t need to enroll in the beta program, we were all used as beta testers on your last update.

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I’ll join the Beta Tester program if SM send me a machine to waste my time on

Why?? There is absolutely ZERO need to go thru the app store. You need to adjust your perception of amateur. It’s still the same app. LOL.

LOL LOL LOL LOL, understand the meaning of the message, please don’t reply, do me a favor thank you.

Please, enlighten me… Why would would the app/experience/quality be any better or different if it were on an app store?!

Any app that needs to be on the App Store, must follow strict standards of quality and security, it is not for nothing that native apps on the App Store have the best User interface when compared to a non-system app, a simple comparison between Fusion360 and Shapr3D. Off-system apps (Spotify, Skype, Chrome) are often bad, Chrome absorbs all computer resources, Spotify has the interface completely different from a native Mac OS app, between UI and UX interactions.

I take it you never heard back after this post? Dark Mode and Mac Appstore

Maybe create a ticket on the Luban Github if you have not already done so. As Edwin has left it’s unlikely anything productive will come from this discussion.