Anything needed for bed adhesion on the J1?

Temp on bed 120 is no Problem.

I use them for all Filaments

I simply can’t get a setting with the PEI plate to not get a lot of warping at the edges of my prints. I only tried PLA so far.
I tried cleaning it with a decent degreaser without success. The bed is leveled fine. Yet it still doesn’t work.
I tried several times to print the front of the following model without success: Pocket Operator Case by crashdebug - Thingiverse
The edges close to the display gets the warping effect.
I would be thankful if someone could give me hints on what settings I should use to print this. Or even better … a gcode file in addition to test on my machine.
Thank you in advance

@Haemsti If there is much grease on the surface, wiping with degreaser might not be enough. Try soap and water. You can also increase bed temp and reduce z-offset/increase flow @ layer 1. But some models like to warp more than others and you need to use a brim for those. So if you don’t like to use brims, the PEI surface is simply not good enough for some models. I would recommend using a polycarbonate sheet for clean PLA prints without warping and brims. It is far superior to PEI when printing PLA imo.

Thank you for your insight, @Rwide
I’m pretty sure there is no grease left on the surface. Even used a toothbrush to thoroughly scrub away everything in the grooves of the PEI surface too.

I tried to print a bit closer to the bed and increase flow rate at the first layer already. Without success.

I think you are right… This model and the PEI surface aren’t going along well together :slight_smile:

I didn’t try using a brim because of the success stories here about how great this surface works. Pretty sure it would work, though :+1:

Never heard of polycarbonate sheet so far, thank you for the hint.

To be honest, I gave up trying after the seventh try and used a little bit of 3dlac on the PEI side. And tadaaaa… It worked :slight_smile:

After several more tries, I think I simply was too afraid of higher bed temperatures.
Switching from 60°C to 70°C helped.
At least the last two prints of pretty big models were a success and there was no warping.

@Haemsti That’s great! I did the same. A lot better adhesion @ 70c compared to 60. But I have now started to use polycarbonate sheet for my PLA prints and it is so awesome.

No more elephants foot
No more warping regardless of the shape of object
No need for brims
No need for glue stick or other adhesion agents
No more cleaning the surface (just “wipe” it with sand paper between prints)
Nice and smooth underside
Perfect adhesion every time

I highly recommend it.

Thank you for the hint about polycarbonate. I have to find out where to get such a print bed here in Switzerland.
(or print on old CDs or DVDs :wink: )

Update: Found a shop, ordered a 5mm sheet to use it directly in the J1. Will report as soon as I have made some test prints.

@Haemsti Haha :smile: sure no problem! I’ve heard similar things about FR4/G10/garolite for printing Nylon and PETG but I havent tested it yet so can’t say for sure…

If you do try using PC sheet. Dont forget to use sandpaper on the surface or the prints might get permenantly stuck to it :upside_down_face:

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