Anyone tested cutting Aluminium

Tried some engraving on what I had at home, an empty beer can :grin:


I was giving some thought earlier to engraving glass with dremel diamond bits, possibly putting a rubber mat underneath to provide a bit of give.
I am however surprised that they didn’t use a collet mount system on the CNC module, or at least a mini chuck.

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that’s pretty cool! By trade I am a metal worker. I do a fair amount of machining in my home shop. In school we were taught you can use any wood tool on aluminum. But lubrication is the most important part. There is a blue soap like lubricant we use at work for aluminum. Drilling holes etc… it wouldn’t hurt to rub it on your material before you engrave into it. Keeps bits cooler and sharp…

There are lots of 3.2 mm dremmel bits.

I also have a bigger cnc machine where I use air and some wd40 when cutting :grin:

Works fine with a few tweaks.
Reduce the depth and or slow the feed rate, this is a ratio depth/feed rate
1/8" Dremel bits work well. Get short length bits and cut the shank down as far as you can to about 1/4".
Just enough depth to tighten in the chuck Too long and they wobble.
It is messy so rig a small vac close to the work.


Did you get around to making the mount, I have the exact same tool and would like to use it, the motor is definitely better by far and i have no doubts in its ability to CNC the 2mm of copper I need to mill :slight_smile: