Any suggestions?

This print is a portion of a larger model that failed in the first print (when printed in conjunction with the whole assembly. The remainder of the model seemed to print fine. Second attempt was cut from the original in hopes of gluing the new print back into the main assembly.

First attempt was printed on “fast” speed as the model was larger and took a long time even in fast print quality. The second attempt at printing what is shown in the picture was printed on “normal” print quality.

Thanks in advance.

Try rotating it so that it’s lying down flat, and make sure you’ve activated supports. Normally, you want the largest surface of the object against the bed for purposes of better adhesion and stability, unless there are strength considerations that take precedence. In this case, it looks like one of the “legs” of the model was knocked over or just became unstuck, resulting in a large unsupported overhang on one side. I’m surprised the print even finished.

If you absolutely must print this standing up for whatever reason, use a good wide brim (not just the skirt in your photo) to improve adhesion.

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Thank you very much for your response.

This is only my second print. How would I go about rotating the print so that it prints flat? And what exactly do you mean by “activated supports”?

Yes, it’s likely that one of the legs did in fact tip over. The same thing happened when the original model was printed.

Assuming that you’re slicing with Luban, select the object, select the rotate option, and then enter “90” for rotation in the Y direction to make it lie down (you may also want to try -90 and pick the one that gives you more of the print stuck to the bed).

There should be a checkbox somewhere among the settings with a label like “generate supports”. Turn that on (you can leave the other associated settings on the defaults for now). I can’t give you more precise instructions because the version of Luban I have open at the moment is older and handles these options differently.

Note that the supports may leave some roughness on the surface of your print—if that’s a problem, apply sandpaper.

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I just started the print with the direction you’ve given me. Again, I appreciate your time.

No problem. Hopefully it’ll stick to the bed this time and you’ll get a usable part.