Any plans for a CO2 or Fiber Laser?

I am very excited for when my Snapmaker 2.0 will arrive, I have tons of projects lined up. Are there plans in 2020 for a laser that can engrave on glass, brass, and stainless steel? Or has any one created a community module for this.

Currently the modules on our roadmap are the rotary module, dual-extruder module, high power laser module, and silent linear module. Engraving on glass could be possible with the high power laser module.


Thank you, this information is very helpful. I am looking forward to many great things with this platform.


What is the wattage of higher laser?

We are looking at 4.5w. But that is just our plan so far.

Is there any kind of ETA for the dual-extruder module? Maybe this year? Maybe next year? I’ve just started playing around with 3D printing for the first time ever on an Ender 3 (my A350 won’t be delivered until September) and I would absolutely love a dual-extruder module so that I could use PVA for dissolvable supports. I’d add it to my pre-order right now if it were an option!


We don’t have an ETA yet. But a dual-extruder is defenitely on our roadmap and has a high priority :grinning:. We will develop and release the addons after we fulfill all the Kickstarter orders.

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I would also like to see a more powerful laser! Maybe one that can engrave metal (with a little help of cermark). And please also make it available for the first gen snapmaker!

for those interested, here is some info on the high power laser module from another post (MDF Cut by laser module?)

Edwin later says that the 8W (yes it went up by 1W) laser module is under review and is expected to be available by the end of the year.