Algorithmic pricing on


I just pre-ordered an Artisan but I wanted to mention my frustrating purchasing experience, and I am wondering if Snapmaker is using some weird flavour of algorithmic pricing.

When I went to the first time, I note that everything had whatever price they had. For example, the A350T was $1999. But then when I checked the next day, the price changed. I forget the exact amount but it was at least $200 higher. But when I opened a different browser on a different computer, the original price was displayed again.

I sent an email to info@ describing my experience, and checking again now I see that prices have reverted back their original values, but I haven’t received an actual response.

I was able to pre-order the Artisan at the original price by jumping browser hoops, but this experience has not exactly left me with a positive impression of how snapmaker operates.