Air purifier for CNC and 3D printing?


I am looking for inputs about when to use de air purifier. My snapmaker is in my tiny office where I work every day… I understood that the air filter should always be turned on for laser engraving but what about 3d printing (iron filled filament,…) and CNC (wood, FR4).

For CNC:

I read that tiny particles (0.3 micron) created when milling wood or FR4 (printed circuit boards) can be dangerous. However, it is written in the air purifier guide that the air purifier is off by default when milling because of the filter life. Should I turn on the air purifier when milling? Shoud I just bypass the air purifier and send the air directly outside to create a negative pressure inside the enclosure and use a shop vac after the job? Shoud I hold the shop vac to vacuum while milling? Here is some information I found on the subject: Is Machining Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Material (e.g. FR4, Garolite) Dangerous? - #5 by UnionNine - Carbide 3D Community Site

For 3D printing:

Should I turn on the air purifier for some filaments? Iron-filled filament does not seem dangerous to print?

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Its not recommened to work near your machine in a bad ventilated room.
I felt like bad breathing after i sit near for hours and i did this for a long period of time a few years ago… But it depends on your printed material.

Sitting near cnc is simply too loud for me.- Underpressure is a good solution i guess.

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Ok thanks for your input :slight_smile: