Air assist tube fitting size

Does anyone know the thread size for the air assist fitting that attaches to the 20W and 40W laser modules? Like an idiot, I broke mine. The tube appears to be 1/4" OD and I measured the threads to be about 3/16", but they could also be 5mm. Having parts shipped from Snapmaker in China is an expensive proposition (I paid $20 shipping for a heat block) and I figured I might be able to source the fitting domestically.

I’ll answer my own question. I discovered that the threads in the module are compatible with an M5 machine screw. Based on my research, a fitting with a 10-32UNF thread should work. I ordered some 1/4" x 10-32UNF push-to-connect fittings on Amazon. If they don’t work, I can return them. If they do work, I’ll post a link to them in this topic.

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