After 3D Print laser engraving the printed Objekt?


Has anyone ever asked for a 3D print in PLA
then laser engrave the object?
Is that possible? And what are the optimal settings in Luban?


My wife was asking me the same.
No idea if this would work, but from physics i would think that the laser is melting the PLA too much. it gets weak already slightly above 70-80°C.
So i would expect weak edges and not as sharp as in other material.

But i would be happy if someone proofs me wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, this evening I will try,
After i write any about my experience.



I just tryed, and it works.
But sure there be no PLA as Material in Luban.
So I choose the Settings in attachment.
The settings still not perfect, I have to found good speed and laserpower. Also I thing the color of the PLA need different settings.


Great, thanks.

Would you mind sharing a picture how the result looks like?
Glad to be able to read your settings in German without issues :slight_smile:



Sure I can share a photo, I don’t know whether the result already meets your requirements. These are only the first tests so far. I’m still looking for a way to differentiate the engraving a bit in terms of color

For my part, I’m already satisfied that I didn’t burn holes in it right away :grin::grin:


Many thanks. This look better than i expected. i didn’t have any requirements so far.

Meanwhile i’ve found in the Snapmaker Wiki that indeed plastic is supported as material, but not all plastic e.g. ABS or PC would not work.

My concern was as well that the plastic is melting too much.


Hello Spuky,

sure the plasic is melting if the Laser stay too long at one point or have too much power.
Also if the Plastic Color be dark must make it more quickly or lower power, thats not easy to found
the right setting.

Today i want try to use somthing like powder to burn inside the Plastic that i become better contrast
to see the engraving

but this have to wait for evening, for now i be in office and have to work.

After i post the results for my final testing.

Thanks and have a nice Day

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Thanks, would be very interesting.

My wife requested a project for her knitting where i would need it :slight_smile:

Oh knitting? I can’t do anything with that. But another question, do you have experience with the CNC module? I’m still learning this, and I have plans for something that, however, is beyond my knowledge.

Unfortunately not. I got my device a week ago and i only had the weekends to work with it.

Currently i have set up the laser which is working for the first time.
Next stop is the CNC module. I am glad that i had a different 3D printer before, so i needed to learn 3D CAD first. This is meanwhile working pretty well and i hope it helps for CNC carving too.

Yes, my wife does a lot of things with knitting, sewing and even spinning. she has two spinning wheels, three different types of sewing machines and some other stuff. Dont ask, i have no idea about how that all works.

And i have… the Artisan :rofl:

Oh yes, your right we have the Artisan, I also have it only some weeks and not much time.
Before I had a 3D Printer withe a 3 color mixing extruder and with a Laser at same time. This one I build by my own with arduino and Marlin Firmware. It works also very well but needs always too much service. The wear was too high after 3 years. But I haven’t done CNC milling yet. But I came up with a challenging project to learn

Half an hour ago my very first attempt with the laser finished.

I am very impressed about the result quality and the setup of the device before. Nothing compared to the leveling orgies of my previous Creality printer.

I think the Snapmaker is made for people who want to create something instead of spending hours of configuration or maintenance.

I heard also bad feedback about Luban. i have the newest version installed and for me it works.
Nothing specific, pretty easy. But for somebody without knowledge before not bad at all. And without any changes of settings. I just let him make the thing.

Oh yes looks very nice. Congratulations. :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

Yes the Luban is okay, but for some 3d Prints I use Spotify 3d and for some Laser works after I use light Burn. For Luban also I read some posts with bad feedback, but I think for a tool with all in one it’s not easy to make all very good, I think no problem it works.

Okay for today I make finish. The printer works all night :grin::grin::grin: no need to control always.

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now the Project finished.
My Co worker have Birthday, in Company we collect from everybody in our department some money.
I maked a 3D Printed Goldbar and put all the Money inside. After it becomes engraving with all the names from the People to spend Money.


Looking good!

Thanks that raise my confidence it will work for me too
Which Filament did you use?

Very nice…
What laser settings did you use?

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Hello ftoons,

Thanks for your feedback.

the laser Settings you can find up in this topic, it was engraved 2 times befor the second time i fill the first engraving with dark powder to become this contrast, the second time was to burn the pouder in the PLA

What kind of powder did you use?

Hello Spucky,

i used this Fillament ZIRO Silk Filament 1.75mm PLA Gold
I made the powder from very fine pressed ash, so the particles are small enough to get into the first engraving and stay there. It may not be a professional solution, but I wouldn’t have gotten anything quickly on Sunday.

remember that the object must be engraved in exactly the same position for the 2nd engraving.