Achievable print quality

I’m new to 3D printing and am not sure what is achievable with the Snapmaker. My company has one of those $10,000 machines so I’m not expecting that quality; but what kind of printing is achievable with this machine? Can someone(s) post pictures of some high quality prints that you have done? My test prints are good, but can they be better?

heres a few various gifts and stuff i have done personally, i am still learning though


I managed to print a working benchmark engine on a v1. I printed at 100% size, no brims or supports. I did have to free the pistons from the crankshaft using an exacto knife. It passed most of the secondary tests, but the internal channel through the crankshaft doesn’t work. This was after I did all of the suggested calibrations in xchrisd’s 3D Print Guide.

I’d post a picture, but it doesn’t photograph very well because I printed it with clear filament.

Thank you, that does help.
I was kind of hoping for some guidance on how “line-ey” the prints should be.
I expect some amt. of lines, but how smooth is possible with this machine?

I’ll try and engine block and see what that does.

This is tough, but possible. It took me three attempts, I had to add zhop as eventually the filament would curl and the nozzle would hit the bottoms of the pistons. Worked in the end though, rotates quite well