3D Printing Capability Test

  • Printed By one of our users Dave Ko
  • Post:
    • another limitation test print…not too bad right? not sure why this guy said snapmaker cant print the Christmas Tree Lattlce Cube…
  • Youtube: https://youtu.be/S8s0UAhY0rE


Absolutely fantastic, well done :1st_place_medal::champagne:


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  • Printed by one of our users Diego de Lajonquiere
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    • Bit woolly but not bad.

  • Printed by one of our users ‎Billz Sharif‎
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    • Who said you can’t do big prints on the Snapmaker?!? Printed in 16 parts and glued together. Now to get some filler on it, sand it down and then paint!

  • Printed by one of our users Arkadi Rafalovich
  • Post:
    • My first prints. Wonderful machine. Highly recommended. Great work snapmaker !


  • Printed by one of our users ‎Keyser Sözé
  • Post:
    • Petit compte rendu de la Snapmakerr après 3 jours d’utilisation à temps plein.
      Cette machine imprime avec une qualité incroyable .
      La collection de prints s’agrandit et mon premier print en plusieurs pieces m’as permis de tester la qualité d’ajustement qui est juste…au top​:+1::+1:
      Le Comptoir 3D, au top ce petit bijou, je test le laser ce soir .

  • Printed By one of our users Justin Long
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    • Got around to printing the Maker’s Muse Tolerance Gauge, had a few surface issues for some reason but right off the bed everything moved but .05mm and .1mm, I was able to get .1mm moving using the key but it wasn’t easy, I thought it was going to break.
      I sliced it using Simplify3D since Cura cheats apparently. I roughly copied the settings from Snapmaker3D’s high quality.
      Overall very happy with this result!


  • Printed By one of our users Kelvin Raharja
  • Post:
    • Left “Waving Groot” to print overnight. Really impressed with the results.
      Total time: 8h 11m
      Quality: Fast Print
      Infill: 20%
      Scale: 75% (to fit within height limit)
      Slicer: Snapmaker3D
      Material: PLA
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  • Printed By one of our users ‎Yves TheMist
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    • Got the printer yesterday; tried a few small things, initially had a few issues getting the first layer to stick, but fixed it after playing with leveling and finetuning temp/speed
      Attached is a overhang test; I’d say it’s doing pretty well, it’s seamless up to 35-30deg in the air and pretty much all the way to 15deg bridged.
      Material: Arianeplast PLA
      nozzle 210deg, bed 70deg
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  • Printed By one of our users Kelvin Decker
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    • I’m testing files in fast print mode… well, strength is to see that it works super well :astonished:! I’m impressed, it took me weeks to get an identical result with my two previous printers!
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  • Printed By one of our users Dale Wathen
  • Post:
    • Busy testing our beta Snapmaker. :grinning::+1: so far it pretty good. Print settings- 0.2mm layers 60mm sec. 40mm perimeters.
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  • Printed By one of our users ‎Jeremy Snyder
  • Post:
    • Merry Xmas from my snapmaker to yours (if you haven’t gotten it yet I hope you get it shortly).
      Finished this print just in time for the tree.
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Has anybody successfully increased the gantry lengths of this machine to increase the XY axis?