A350T Enclosure

Hi there,

while all products are made of high-quality materials and feel and look really premium, the enclosure lacks a functional design.

I really don’t get how it could get approved, that the spool holder is in the far back left corner of the machine, while you access it from the front. Anyone with the machine setup against a wall/in a corner can’t correctly access/change spools, especially as the holder points towards the wall, so you have to move the entire table. Really really bad design.

The next really big disappointment about the case is the large gaps and poor sealing.

In a future version, I would like to see sealing tape running along all sides. Right now with big gaps, it doesn’t seal properly at all so smoke and harmful particles can go out.

In the front, the recess for the display could be provided with a rubber coating that rests on the side of the display’s casing when the case is closed and thus also ensures an airtight seal.

The mechanism for opening the doors is also very sluggish. You could certainly install a higher-quality mechanism here with, for example, a clever plain bearing.

Finally, I would like to mention that the included screws for the casing are of absolutely inferior quality.

The head of 10 screws broke off during tightening, so I had to buy better screws myself. At such a high price, this is an absolute no-go.

Thanks for considering these points for future imrovements.

While I’m not sure about better sealing, your other comments are, in my opinion, valid. One thing to remember about sealing up the enclosure, if you seal it too tight then there’s no ‘incoming’ air to move out the exhaust duct, defeating the air movement. I had to “modify” a lot of things to get my enclosure functional. If they redo it, they need to remember that what they ‘think’ is the way people are going to use it doesn’t always fit. Making the enclosure a little more ‘optional’ in placement of the devices would help. I moved my printer filament to the top on a board across the top with a new hole in the top, plugging the one on the side. I ran the controller cords out another new hole in the back top so I could better access the side of the enclosure. Several users asked about moving the controller to the other side. I haven’t done that but absolutely think that should be an option. I rotated the back panel to put the fan in the upper corner so I could better run the exhaust duct. I closed up the touch screen opening in the front and moved the controller to the top also. I printed a cover to cover the modules between the railings to better contain Cnc dust. Lots of little mods that make the enclosure more useful to me, including better cord management. But, as you basically say, they could do a lot more to make the enclosure more user friendly out of the box. They did replace my screws that broke, something like 80% failure on those. They didn’t think through the enclosure use and I’m sure version 2 will be better, but I don’t think we’ll see that for awhile!

Good point with air intake…didn’t think about that at all haha. Was going to seal up my case but yeah…needs room for intake.

I’m sure future versions will be a lot better!