A350 - Problem During Assembly - Z-Axis Holders

I received my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 yesterday. I started assembling it last night. I got to Step 6, where you install the Z-Axis Holders in the recesses on the base plate.

In my case, although the holes on the Z-Axis Holders and base plate line up perfectly, the Z-Axis Holders aren’t sitting flat against the base plate (because the recess is too tight, it seems). I tried several different approaches to installing them and can’t get them to sit flat.

Is this normal? If I keep going with the assembly, my Z-axis Linear Modules are going not going to be perpendicular to the X/Y-axes. Is this angle compensated for later in the assembly or by the self-leveling bed?

I’ve attached some pictures to show you what I mean.


InkedIMG_5814_LI|375x500 !


Have you tried tightening the screws down? It might pull it into place. If that does not work then I recommend contacting support.

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I did try tightening the screws. On it’s own, that didn’t work; the bracket was still sitting an angle.

Then I tried screwing the bracket to the linear module loosely, the linear module to the base plate tightly, then tightening up the bracket, and finally, installing the bracket screws from the bottom - steps 9, 8, 6.

That worked, in the sense that the Z-axis linear modular is perpendicular to the base plate according to my square, but the bracket is not sitting on the base plate. Instead, there’s a visible gap between the two, and it seems to be wedged in the recess, with the stability coming from the wedged edges and the screw threads.

I do have an email into Support. We’ll see what they say.

In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this?

The angled supports don’t go in the recess, the bottom of the linear modules go in the recesses.

Both the linear rails and the brackets set into a reces, the reces for the brackets are deeper then the ones for the linear rails. Based on the first photo provided by mculik5, they appear to be installing them in the correct location.

I have not heard of this problem before, however the base is cast aluminum so it does not surprise me that it has occurred. You could probably fix it on your own with a file. But doing so may damage the beautiful finish. I would wait for support to instruct you on the next step. When they do please post it here.

@Tracy, @Edwin, @JKC20 do any of you have recommendations or maybe can get support to prioritize this issue? It’s always the worst to have equipment that you can’t even put togeather.
Thank you,

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Beg your pardon, yes they both have recesses, I had forgotten.

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No pardon needed, Just stating the facts (had to double check myself after reading your post). It was a good idea to think of proper assembly.
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FYI, when I posted earlier today about how I got it to work by assembling it out of order, I was only referring to one Z-axis linear module.

I tried the other side tonight and no dice. I could get all the screws in with the Z-axis out of square, or I could get the Z-axis square but not attach the bracket.

The brackets appear to be identical in terms of their size and line up perfectly otherwise, so it must be something with the edging of the recesses during the casting process.

How has everyone’s experience been with Snapmaker support? I submitted my request earlier today and haven’t heard anything yet.



Support is good but slow. It’s a small company and they have a lot of customers. They will get back to you in a few days (my experience has been 2 to 5 days). Hopefully one of the staff members I tagged can help things along, But that’s no guarantee.

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They should get back to you in 2 days. And @Edwin here can also help you with your issue :+1:

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I have replied to you yesterday and do not find your post in the forum that time.

If you can put the other Z axes holder in two recesses, the one that you posted here is deformed due to some manufacturing errors.

We will send you some replacements after we confirm the defective parts.

Best regards

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@Edwin - I’m not sure I follow your comments.

I’ve tried to put both Z-axes in their respective recesses and neither fit correctly. I also tried switching the parts to see if one set of parts works better on one side than the other, but it makes no difference.

As I said in my post above, I can get one side vertical, although it doesn’t fit right, but I can’t get the other side vertical.

How will you confirm defective parts so you can send me new ones? Also, do you have a ETA? I need a new base plate, I believe.

Let me know what I can do to help. Thanks.

Hi @mculik5

Please check if the bottoms of two holders are the same size.

Best regards

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I measured the parts this morning with my digital calipers. Here are the results:

Side that sort of fits:
Bracket = 51.98mm x 47.82mm
Recess = 51.62mm x 51.04mm

Side that doesn’t fit:
Bracket = 51.86mm x 47.83mm
Recess = 51.50mm x 51.03mm

NOTE - The recesses are hard to measure perfectly accurately because they have a fillet due to the casting process.

The brackets look perfectly identical in terms of chamfers and stuff like that.

Speaking of chamfers, from my super rough measurements, the chamfer on each bracket at the bottom of the photo where you have the brackets back-to-back appears to be 0.5mm. Is this what it’s supposed to be?

Looking at everything more closely, I guess the other issue (besides the casting) could be that this chamfer is too small. Between the casting fillet and this chamfer, it looks like if this chamfer were 1mm, the brackets would fit with the casting as-is.

Please let me know how you’d like to proceed from here. Thanks.

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Hi @mculik5

Thank you so much for your assistance.

I have forwarded this issue to our supplier and QC team. The issue was caused by the larger bracket and I will send you new ones for replacement as soon as possible,

I will email you to confirm your private info.
Best regards

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I have the same exact issue. Just sent an email to support.

Please PM me the ticket number and I will have a look at it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I’m having the same exact issue and support has asked me to try completing the build and seeing how it prints. I’m pretty annoyed by this. It’s clearly not fitting into the recess even though the holes line up. I’m not going to force these pieces together, potentially damaging the screws, threads and the base plate.

@himedlooff - That’s pretty obnoxious of Support to suggest that when there are documented cases of this same issue caused by QC problems on their side. I’d obviously continue to push this with them.

If you just want to get printing without waiting for support and parts to be mailed, like I did when I got my machine, you can remove material from the edges of the supports to get them to fit without compromising anything except the anodizing. I used a router table, but there are lots of ways you could accomplish this.

@Edwin - Can you help this guy out like you did me? Send him some new brackets?

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Thanks @mculik5, I did push back. Waiting on a response. Also posting here for historical record of this issue in case others run across it.