A350 a very good hardware ---BUT

I have a A350 since September 2020 and Corona gave me lots of time to use it and play !!
It’s a very good hadware ! 3D print, CNC and laser aber absolutly good for hobby, education and FUN !
I like that machine - made me about 50 Xmas gifts for family and friends and all like it!

BUT -----
as good as the hardware is as bad is Luban.

I understand, that the job of a software developer is not easy - specially if they want to invent the weel in different colors again and again.
But why ???

Why Snapmaker is not going the way like other companies ?
Why they get not into partnership with Autodesk, Simplyfy3D, LightBurn etc. ?
Why they are not integrated in that great software ?

I only use Luban as a Wlan interface to the hardware.
I’m using Fusion360, Simplify3D and LightBurn to prepare all the gcode files and send it via Luban to the A350 - works perfect - and I have 100% of the functionality.
It needs some hours of try-and-error, but now it is perfect !
If they would provide working (!!) profiles, then everything would be ok.

Now I have to try in every software to find the perfect parameters.

For my Ultimake 3 there is everything included in the software of the differnt supplies - ok - let’s say 95%.

But it works after only 2 or 3 clicks. Even the original Snapmaker is included - but why not the powerfull second generation ?

SnapMaker: You are loosing lots of potential. Stop doing everything by yourselve. Look for existing solutions and concentrate in the future of that very good hardware.



I go absolute with you, everybody can do some things better than others…but some would do all!
And thats not always the best

I’ve said this in other threads, but just for continued awareness, my opinion is they would be better served porting Octoprint to the touchscreen to use for printer management, then writing plugins to handle CNC and laser functions. This would reduce the SM-specific code base down to some milddleware and plugins, and they and we could enjoy all the latest and greatest advancements from Cura, Lightburn, et al.

I hope you can answer a question for this noob. If I compile g-code in Lightburn is has the suffix of .gc. If I compile g-code in Luban it has the suffix of .nc. I have tired to load g-code produced by Lightroom into Luban but Luban does not see the file. How do you "…use Luban as a Plan interface to [SnapMaker 2.0]?

Perhaps a stupid question but this is all totally foreign to me. If I could find a way to Wlan the g-code directly to the SM interface module I would be overjoyed. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear a response.

it is very simple - but not understandable - for me. :slight_smile:
If you create a gcode file in LightBurn, then you have different filetypes in the selection windows.
For default LightBurn use *gc - but you can see in the selection bar under the file name the different extentions.
If you want to use that file in Luban to send it to the Laser, then you must type the file extentin *.nc manual behind the name. Then it is saved with *.nc.

I checked files with different extentions - they are absolut identicaly.

But Luban accepts only *nc file, if you want to send it to the machine. If you have anothe gcode extention, then you can load it into Luban and start the lasering from the PC - but no download to the machine.

I don’t know why, because the data are absolut the same.

Maybe another “big mystery of the universe” :slight_smile:

42 K.D.

It’s just a very standard way for computers to identify files as different types.
A lot of files still have them even if you don’t actually see them because your computer will hide them.
For SM it’s .nc for laser, .cnc for cnc, and .gcode for 3d printing.
They’re all just plain text files though.