5-axis module! and other observations

Just watched the promo-video for the Artisan - it seems they plan a 5-axis-module! Now that is neat! Really hope it is compatible with SM2 (and hope it is affordable…), but from the “preview” dimensions I see a chance:

Other things that strike me from looking a bit closer:

  • Still no statement on OD of the enclosure - only the unspecific “reduces class 4 to class 1” - why are they so reluctant to state specific data? I don’t get it… But: Enclosure seems only to have one door, and the sealing seems much better to me as compared to SM2 enclosure
  • Yikes! That’s again a hefty price:
  • Neat: This cable will allow for building your own SM2/Artisan modules - finally a female plug out in the wild!
  • Delivery in December… Now they better keep that promise - Xmas children will be disappointed otherwise :slight_smile:
  • The filament dryer is in the video as if it exists - seems to be close to release!

Nice observations! Thanks for sharing.

Snapmaker also plans to release the dual extruder module for the 2.0 in the fourth quarter. Just thought I’d put it out there because it seems to be hidden on their site.

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