3d print rough and un-uniform

I just got my A350 and have been playing around with the 3d printer. All of my prints so far look like the attached photo. It starts smooth but after awhile becomes rough. Any thoughts on whats causing this and how to fix it?

your to close to the print bed and you are under extruding as well (unless you have already calibrated your E steps) see the threads below for more info.

Extruder Calibration a must

3D prints stick WAY too well!

I’ve calibrated the bed, but after reading that link it looks like following the book isn’t the best practice and the z offset should be raised .005 off of when the card bends.

How do I increase the extrusion?

here is a summery of how to calibrate your E steps, more info can be found in the first thread i linked earlier.

for bed calibration, on the last step adjust down until you can just start to feel resistance on the card, there should be no buckling or bending of the paper. then when you start your print, if you have adhesion issues (filament does not want to stick to the bed) then adjust the Z offset down in small increments. here is a visual aid:

keep in mind that this machine has some backlash, meaning if you step down (in the direction of the bed) by .1mm it will go down .1mm but if you step up (away from the bed) by .1mm it will go up more the .1mm so if you get to close rather then just stepping up by .1 step up by 1mm and then bring it back down again.

oh also for calibrating your E steps this must be done over USB, the console does not work right over WIFI.

You’re the best thanks a lot for this.

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glad i could help!
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