3d print quality has fallen off

When I first got my artisan, I verything was fine. However recently, I the 3d printing quality is absolutely atrocious.

Attached is a benchy. It’s full of diagonal waves, and now there’s lots of stringing. It’s not filament issue, as I have the same problems regardless. The settings have remained the same.

I’m pretty sure I need to do some sort of maintenance, but I’m. It entirely sure what. The outside of the rails look clean, but I wonder if dust has gotten inside them. (I have used the router function recently, and I think it went downhill since then.)

I can’t be the only person to try all three functions and then see a fall off in print quality.

Advice is appreciated

My SM2 quality fell off slightly as well over 2.5 years of constant use. Laser circles weren’t as perfect as they use to be, and eventually one of the linear modules metal band dust covers snapped in half. So I ended up replacing all 5 linear motors with new versions, and quality is back where it was. I just look at the modules as yet another “consumable”, and it wasn’t worth my time to start mucking about trying to do the service. I got the new set of upgraded modules during a sale.

I’m glad that worked for you, but geez that’s an expensive consumable. You’ve basically replaced a big part of the machine. At that point, you might as well get something else

Have you printed a benchy from each nozzle? do they both print that poorly?

Its a Artisan so there should no visible wear of the rails yet, I guess.

It looks like wet filament.
Could also be heat curl (too hot in the enclosure), try printing with open door and max cooling of the tool head, if it’s Pla.

Share more data with us.
Settings, speeds, material,…

Also using the same filament? New spool?

That said, the diagonal pattern might indeed hint on something wrong with one of the axis - not having an Artisan myself, I’ve no experience or knowledge how to maintain the Artisan linear modules. In your place, I’d reach out to Snapmaker support (but be aware of Chinese new year currently impacting response times).