2 1/2 hours to get calibrated!

A Snapmaker 1 should really not take 2 1/2 hours to get calibrated. And I am not even finished just got it close.
I start with the card method in the instructions but then I have issues where corner 4 won’t even stick and none of the other corners are at the same spot either. So I go in and start lowering the corners 1 by 1 till they all stick, then look at the corners and see if they are high or low. At that point I get close enough that I can check with my calipers and finally dial it in but it takes forever and this process should not take this long to get to a point where I can get a good print.

Please check out this video tutorial. You need to calibrate the four corners and save the settings before printing.

Yep I have watched that video a few hundred times and is the exact thing I do first. Even there it does not get level and will not stick to the bed till I push the calibration low enough to crush the filament into the bed. I start to get elephant foot on the prints, and corners are still not even with each other. From there I can start bringing things inline but that’s what takes forever.
My standard test print uses 200 degrees for Nozzle and 50 degrees for bed

What kind of filament do you use?
Which model and Slicer do you use?
Maybe it helps to heat the bed 10degrees more.
What speed do you run the first layer?
12-16mm/s are fine for me depending on filament.
Have you tried printing a bed calibration print? - look for it on thingiverse or forum.
You could also try to print a brim.

Hope this helps!

Seems the problem is the first layer of the print does not stick to the bed?
If that’s the problem and you are using the PLA filament, you may try the following after the calibration. They worked in my case.

Increase the temperature of the heated bed to 60 or 65 degrees.
Set the speed for the initial layer to 10mm/s.
Set the initial layer line width to 110% or 120%.

Also, if you are using SnapmakerJS - upgrade to Luban - I was having similar issues - as well with filament loading unloading (that button is ridiculous and as a woman I simply did not have the strength to push that button with any of my fingers or thumb, so I had to use a random handy tool, wedge the printer against the wall, and grow a third arm), as it has buttons in the software for loading/unloading. Also the temps are quite a bit higher in the pre-sets and that’s made a big difference. Bed at 70, nozzle at about 210ish depending on the print quality settings.

I’ve also set the first layer at 150%, slowed the print speed and travel speed a ton. It’s about way more than a level bed, and sticking it the hardest thing there is. Hang in there! :smiley: