10W laser etching MDF or basswood

Having had really good success months ago with the 1600mW laser and etching a photo onto bassword/MDF…thought I’d try my new 10W laser for the first time. Experimenting with a small 10cm piece of MDF, ironically using the basswood defaults, turned out pretty good, although could not remember how long it took to etch with the 1600mW laser. However, in going to a much larger sheet of MDF (30x30cm)…man alive, Luban is saying 2days to complete !! It is currently 12 hours in, but has done 46%…so in theory not 2 days, but seriously, that seems awfully slow. I know the smaller laser did not take that long to etch the same size. Thoughts ?
Jog 3000
Dwell 0.5ms
Laser 55%

No one ?
Can anyone give me some rough times, to use the laser to etch a black and white photo on MDF ?
I redid another photo 10cm x 10cm, jog 6000, laser 80% (i.e. increased laser and speed)…took 2hr15 mins, although Luban said it was going to take 6hrs. Turned out pretty good, but interested if folks are seeing similar timings ?