10W Laser Engraving - Photo on basewood

My first one, using the basewood sample that came with the 10W Laser tool.


Can you kindly share the settings please?


Super… can you share the settings, please? I have good setting for 1.6W but my latest with 10W is disaster…

We’re you engraving this without an enclosure? I have a 10 watt laser but the instructions say use an enclosure and I don’t have one so I’m not sure what I should do.

It’s a safety issue, not a performance issue.
The enclosure recommendation is for eye protection and if vented properly to help with smoke/fumes. There are a few discussions of the importance of using proper protection on this forum.
There is no reason you can’t use it without the enclosure, but I would only do that if it’s in a separate room where you can use eye protection. I wouldn’t use it in the same room that you’re working in (or that other people (or animals) are in) without one.

Hi! Sorry for the late response. The wood is the sample that came with the 10W laser head and the settings are the standard LUBAN settings for basewood.

Hi! Please see bellow for my answer.

Hi, as stated bellow the enclosure is for safety reasons. I always use the glasses provided, the room is isolated and behind the cutter there is a door to a balcony that is always open when using the laser cutter.