10W Laser-Clear acrylic engraved logo with light base

After some attempts…I’ve finally managed it!
Cutting for clear acrylic is impossible for diode laser. It is not a matter of power it is a matter of wave length. So…you have to do it traditionally like cutting glass. You need to use a sharp instrument to curve a straight line and then press firmly against the edge of a table.
Engraving though is different situation. You just need to use liquid chalk, either a marker or a spray, and apply a layer on the acrylic. Then for dot engraving I used Luban’s settings for Basswood and changed only power to 30%. (From 50% and up it occasionally makes burns into acrylic in a random way and spoils the whole work…burned some to find out…). In order to be sure I made it pass 2 times (replicate the toolpath).

Next step was to create the base for it, cutting basswood this time.


Awesome job thanks and keep posting the tips

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Also forgot to ask are you able to send through the cut files for the wood base

Hi! The base is designed to be 125mm wide. I am uploading the relevant project file bellow. I will also upload the relevant *.stl in case someone wants to change dimensions.

125mm_Wooden_Base_for_Light_Clear_Acrylic.zip (23.0 KB)
125mm_Wooden_Stand_for_Light_Clear_Crystal_stl.zip (6.7 KB)

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this is so awesome, thank you for posting! Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the files this is awesome

Nice job and thanks for the tips!!

Quick question. I have been having issues with removing the excess liquid chalk after engraving on acrylic and I’m not sure what to use to get it off without damaging the piece. Any suggestions??

Can you post where you purchased the USB light strip?

Out of curiosity, is there reason you chose to manually cut the acrylic vs using the cnc? I actually worked in a glass/mirror shop years ago cutting glass is basically the same method you described. but my issue with acrylic has been its never as clean a line as glass. I haven;t had a chance to cut acrylic with the cnc, just wondering if htere was a technical reason you chose not to? Or was manual just faster

Hi nola7820. I use a marker and it goes off very easy with plain water. Just put it under the tap and gently sweep your fingers on it under running water. Maybe your chalk formula is somehow different…

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Hi webdivision. From a local electronics shop…just google it to find something near you. Led strip 5V, cool light, 2m.
This is a link in Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Renohef-Backlight-Decorative-Lighting-Non-Waterproof/dp/B0893WWNKK/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=5+volt+led+strip&qid=1654635333&sr=8-2

Hi SIN3RGY. You are right, acrylic is a little more difficult from glass. You need to be patient and cautious … It was the quicker way for me. For my next batch I just asked from the shop I’ve bought it to cut it in pieces of 125mmX125mm and 125mmX200mm and I just use some sand paper to make the cut cleaner.

Thank you mkargop! :slight_smile:

Glass Pen Window Marker: Glass Markers, Car Marker or Mirror Pen with Washable Paint - Car Windows, Mirrors, Signs, Crafts - 15mm Wide Tip, White

This is the one that I was using…got it on amazon. So I can just use a regular washable color marker and it will work or do you use a special washable marker?

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Hi nola7820 and sorry for the late response. Yes, I guess any washable marker or spray will be ok, you might have to adjust the power. For liquid chalk I use 35% and 2 passes.

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