Z axis extension & enclosure

The Z axis extension fits the enclosure again when the bottom sheet is omitted and the enclosure lifted up by some 55mm.
I had U-shaped aluminum profiles with 3mm walls lying around that exactly fit the profile groove of the enclosure frame, as well as some pieces of plastic 3mm thick … voila, a near perfect enclosure extension.

Still some work to do on the details, though. But I like that the enclosure is back … no ABS smell.

Btw., the z axis extension soon came in handy for me :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing.
Not sure why you couldn’t post pictures here but I will help post them (if you don’t mind).

Edit: I was wondering if there were some restrictions on new users. I’ve withdrawn the pictures to avoid duplicates :slight_smile:

Missed the upload button somehow. Perhaps I’d better merge these images with my original posting.

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