Wow, talk about dust

I thought after working with pine and poplar woods over the last few months I knew about the mess that sawdust would make. Since I haven’t set my enclosure up yet (because the project I’m working on is larger than the enclosure) the sawdust tends spread out and cover every flat surface within a couple feet. Not too much of a pain to clean up with the vacuum.

Yesterday, I started working with rosewood, routing out a 3"x2"x0.5" pocket. OMG… when I came back in to the garage later, every surface within 15 feet of my Snapmaker (including my car) was coated with fine red sawdust. Wish I’d thought to take a picture… it was surreal and took forever to clean up.


Yep. It sure does.

You can make a tent with pvc pipe and plastic sheeting.

FYI, I picked up one of those cyclone attachments from China that you attach to a bucket between your shop vac and the hose. Works really well at decreasing the amount of dust that goes into my shop vac and I don’t have to empty the bag anywhere near as much.


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Yeah, I need to get something like that and print a vacuum shoe for the CNC module and get a more garage appropriate vacuum cleaner. While the dyson does a good job cleaning stuff up, the wife complains about me leaving it in the garage all the time :smiley:

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