Working with waste wood

I must have too much time on my hands right now. :thinking: :grin:
I was looking at a thin veneer of maple wood that had been cut from my alphabet block jig. I have a young relative who has just started to study law so I thought I would try and make a bookmark. The veneer was barely .5mm in thickness and only .25mm thick at some points. I sanded out the bandsaw marks as best as I could (a couple remain) and then brought some files into Luban after reating a page of the right size in the designer vector software application which I had used and demonstrated for other work.

The edge view of the image gives you an idea of the veneer thickness. I had sanded it by hand to the point where it could be bent almost like balsa wood.

The next image shows the front of the bookmark. It was very well recieved despite being a bit shorter than the average sized bookmark.

The final image is the reverse side of the bookmark and my attempt to make a funny joke. The image of the pistol on the right f the image was clipped by the masking tape I had used to hold the bookmark onto the CNC table for etching. The power level was set to 50% and I think it was possibly too powerful for the workpiece.


We are working on the Laser Engraving saving feature in Luban. You could then share your engraving profile here as well so that people can try to redo your prints if they want :slight_smile:

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Hello JKC20; that is a good idea! It really helps to have example files to produce work. When it does not mimic the example, the user can detect their own errors more easily. Besides which, explaining what was done and how it was done forces the provider of the example file to think about the steps taken to produce the object and describes them accurately. :thinking: :smiley:

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