Which new product do you want to buy most? Why?


yes exactly


I assume the stronger CNC machine would still be capable of 3D printing. I’d mainly want the 3D printing capability to do small prints; I have a large format printer already to do larger ones. I’d have it set up as a CNC carver most of the time.

What I’d really like to see is a CNC module that doesn’t have so much runout, i.e. that uses a collet of some sort for holding the cutting bit more centrally instead of the single set screw. I’ll be experimenting with a couple of aftermarket collets on the existing module to see if I can improve things.


Bring the lazer PLEASE


The size of the print surface is a serious limitation if you want to make something useful. Sometimes the object can be rotated 45 degrees to make it fit, but that doesn’t always work. I really need longer X and Y axes.


The Double Z! Becouse its working-area is bigger, it’s stronger and more precise and it’s still as versatile as the smaller 3-in-1 Snapmaker.


I don’t think the Double Z they are showing has a bigger build area.
They definitely need to offer one with a bigger area.
I actually think the one with the Double Y would be more rigid.


If the double Y is also compatible to the other moduls, then it will be the best. But it’s just called “stronger CNC machine”, that sounds like, it’s just a CNC-Carver.


True. But I don’t see why they would limit it to just the CNC. Maybe they would sell it with just the CNC but the controller supports all the modules and shouldn’t prevent the use of the other modules. I guess it depends if they sell it as an “upgrade kit” or as a stand alone separate product.


simple lazer engraver for the sole reason that while a lot can be done with the current print area with cnc and 3d printing, the print area with lazer engraving feels like it is too small


The Double Z… two Linear Modules to handle the Tool Modules mean they are more precise.

That said, a larger Main Plate (the platform everything attaches to) would allow for two Linear Modules to support the Heated Bed/Work Area as well.


@whimsycwd Could you tell us if the stronger CNC would be able to 3D print as well? If not, PLEASE consider that feature. I don’t think you guys are understanding how much this product would be perfect in comparison to so much others in the market by just adding a larger build plate to actually print almost anything useful - and slicing and editing already made models is a PITA. Most of us just want to load the model and print it :slight_smile:


https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser - nur damit Übersetzungsprogramme nicht überfordert werden :wink:

Wenn ein Übersetzer Schmarrn trotzdem richtig übersetzt oder in Zukunft hoffentlich übersetzen können wird, dann dieser hier : https://www.deepl.com/de/translator



Are these products available for order ?
I would be very interested to buy some of them.

Thanks !


Not yet - I’d recommend checking the Snapmaker Store twice a month for updates.