Vibration Compensation Smoothing?

I use SM2 and have never seen it pulsate like the picture. Even with my previous printer. Under what circumstances does this phenomenon occur? Does it also occur with SM2?

Hi ViperZ, this is actually a slow-motion clip 20 times slower than the original video. To make the optimization more obvious, we intendedly set the accelerated speed as 30 m/s2, which might be not common in daily printing. That’s why you’ve never seen this before I guess :wink:. Since SM2 is not able to achieve such acceleration, this kind of vibration will not occur so obviously with it. But still, we’ll try to implement vibration compensation on SM2 to make things better.

Thanks for the reply.
I see, that is a condition that does not occur in SM2.
I am interested to see if it works to incorporate it into SM2.

We’ll try our best and will let you know once we make it :smile:

Will this feature be incorporated into Firmware? Or is it a Luban slice feature?
Is the feature not available in Cura or Prusaslicer?

It is a firmware feature, not available on slicers.

I design and manufacture tools. I print and fine-tune the size many times to match ready-made products. I do not want this to affect my current design. I would like this feature to be able to select ON or OFF in GCODE.