Using a 2kg filament reel - it always snaps

Has anyone used a 2kg spool with SM2? I’m struggling to do this successfully.

The filament is a brand new spool of matte black PLA (prints clean and is moisture free), but it’s more brittle than the usual PLA I use. It’ll rest on the original spool holder on the outside of the enclosure and work ok for a while but eventually the filament will break, after an hour or so printing.

Researching alternative ways of holding / feeding the filament more reliably. Most of the mods I’ve seen are not sized for a spool of this size.

Would using ptfe tube prevent breakage? Any ideas how to support a larger spool?

I bought a filament heater box on amazon which has nice roller bearings. I’ve put the whole filament path in the ptfe tube.

The feed is much smoother, and no jerking from the head running to the end like it used to.

Does the roll have knots? I’ve had some (even high quality) rolls which ended up with crossovers/knots, and my print quality would suffer. If the knot is bad enough, I could see the filament breaking (esp PLA)

The spool is wound perfectly, I think it’s just the size and weight that are causing issues as the extruder loads the filament from the spool.

Initially I thought the heater boxes would not take a 2kg spool, but I see that some of them do, might try this. thanks