Using 10W laser with Lightburn not working

I just bought Lightburn and am trying to use the 10W module with my Artisan on it.

I am following the instructions here: Adding a 1.6W or 10W laser module in LightBurn | Snapmaker Wiki

However I add the device (Snapmaker Marlin), and nothing works. I can’t jog the head at all using the controls or get any further despite the connection in Lightburn signalling “ready”.

It looks like there are downloadable profiles for the 20W and 40W lasers but not for the 10W. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, and it seems like all the guides for this are really out of date.

I have tried changing the baud to 115200, but even that didn’t seem to resolve the issue. I can verify that nothing else is connected to the Snapmaker at the time of testing.

I could control the artisan with 10W laser if I’m using the GRBL-M3 device.

But I have no glue how I can focus (adjust the z axis) to have a clean gravur in lightburn. :frowning:

Do you have an idea?