Unable to load G-code to workspace

Hi! I’m trying to engrave my first image with the laser, but I cannot see the image once i open up the workspace. It shows that my G-code was created successfully, and that it’s selected to preview, but nothing shows up on the grid. I used the test to also write something with the image, and it showed up just fine. The image below is what I’m seeing. Can anyone help with what I’d doing wrong?? Thanks!

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Often a trap for newbies. Your image may be just out of sight…have you zoomed out on the workspace


Doug, I have tried zooming, and still nothing there. And when I use the text function, it showed up and engraved just fine, but the image didn’t show up at all

@tyler2786 Upload your files to the forum or a one click hoster.

  • model or picture
  • gcode

Which mode do you want to laser engrave? (b/w, grayscale or vector?)