Trying to engrave a hat

But for the axis to clear the crown of the hat I have to keep it high… but at the height which is only 7 inches the laser is not burning the felt. The beam looks really wide. Any ideas on how to set this so that it will engrave? I have a laserpecker and its only 500mW and it engraves from a distance of a foot and a half. Being it costs only $400 od have to assume a $3k laser at 1600mW should engrave from a foot distance… but maybe im wrong.

It has to do with the focal length. A lot of other diode lasers are focused far away (you see a lot of the cheaper ones several inches above the work surface). Snapmaker chose to use a lens that has a shorter focal distance and make it closer to the material. This allows the small fan inside to help remove smoke and be a tad safer. i.e. with how close it is, you can’t get your fingers under it, and the shroud blocks a lot of the scatter radiation. As I recall, there was some talk about a mod that increases the focal distance to have the toolhead further away, you can also unscrew the shroud to gain about a half inch.

Overall, it’s not the power of the laser, it’s how far the focal point (where the beam is the smallest, and thus concentrated the most energy) is calibrated to.

Appreciate the explanation, what it sounds like is i purchased a very expensive paperwait as it cant do what i need it to do. No way around in the mods or configs.

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It focuses just like every other diode laser with a threaded lens holder.

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Thanks for sharing the help