Tools to trace in vector from a photo (vectorize)

Hey People, who uses what to save time on vectorizing?
I came across Trace
it looks so simple there got to be some alternative to it.
Does anybody know?

I use Lightburn personally. There’s a trace bitmap option with variables and then you can export to SVG, DXF, or AI.

EDIT: Also if you setup the camera to work for Lightburn, it can process drawings directly as seen here in this guide by @Slynold

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The idea behind that commercial tool is automatic perspective correction + trace. I didn’t see this in lightburn.

So the perspective correction has to be done outside.
The tracing within the lightburn.

But with lightburn it’s not dimensionaly accurate is it?

Let’s say we need to cut a gasket for a client from a picture.

I might’ve found solution for the perspective, need to test and will share here.

Hardest part will be the perspective correction if the image was taken at an angle instead of perfectly flat. Although I would assume any image editor could do a perspective shift, I have no experience with this. A better idea would be to import the image into Fusion360, calibrate the scale, spline trace and clean it up for more accurate measurements.

As far as dimensionally accurate in Lightburn, I’ve had no problem with accuracy, especially once you do a kerf offset.