The Official Bracing Kit and 200W CNC Bundle for Snapmaker 2.0

@Jade and @artisan_users: can you tell us if the artisan also needs a bracing kit? I am really unsure if I should update to artisan. The new update kit is a nice start, but maybe the modded 2.0 will have better rigidity?

The claim is that artisan rails already designed in a way that benefits rigidity more.
I haven’t seen a lot of complaints about it from aryosan users…

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Will it be possible to buy the 200W CNC separately afterwards if we first buy just the Bracing Kit ?

Of course.

I still don’t see the option for the ‘naked’ 200W CNC spindle in the online shop

I’d assume after pre-orders are filled they’ll become available.

Hi @sandrobilbeisi

Currently, this option is not available on the official store. You can send an email to Please mention the following points in the email, and our customer service will explain the next steps for purchasing. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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