Snapmaker Makerathon 2020

Last month, the annual Snapmaker Makerathon was held successfully (full article here).

Makerathon is a 24-hour event that aims at pushing the boundaries of creativity. Its purpose is to advocate innovative creations and make amazing things happen. Inspired by Shenzhen’s waste sorting policy, the theme of this year’s Makerathon is Everything Is Useful . A total of 15 teams brainstormed and reused things that we recycled such as used packages, modules, PLA filaments and enclosure panels. The competition was fierce but fun, and fortunately, no teams were harmed and only one team came out on top.

Snapmaker Makerathon 2020 ▲

During the Makerathon, all teams stayed up overnight to turn what was originally regarded as waste into something valuable. Let’s take a look at their exciting and inspirational moments.

After hustling for 24 hours, the teams were ready to introduce their final projects. Each team presented their work and invited audience to their “show booth” for hands-on, immersive experience with their projects.

Each Snapmaker employee had two votes, which they could use to support other two projects, excluding their own, that they found interesting.

The end result was simply beautiful. Check out the winning projects below (you can refer to our blog for the full list of projects created).

Claw Machine by Joy Maker Team - It’s recommended for all ages. ▲

Filament Box by Filament Box Team - This little guy reforms used filaments back into their original form and making used filaments usable again. ▲

Infinity Maker by Snapmaker Dreamer Team - Yes you saw it right. There is a convey belt that moves materials forward. This thing can laser engrave forever. ▲

The prizes went to the following teams. Congratulations to our winners!

Third Prize
Bartending Machine by SNAPTEE Team
Snapband by Exuberance Team
Hovercraft by Jadelabo Team

Second Prize
Filament Box by Filament Box Team
Claw Machine by Joy Maker Team

First Prize
Infinite Maker by Snapmaker Dreamer Team

Let us know which are your favorites. Share with us what you would like to make for your project here on the forum. Happy making!

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