Templates for laser

I have looked all over the web for a basic laser template that will make a box with legs, using the 80 squared millimeter wood you can purchase from Snapmaker. The web only has templates for large pieces of wood which will not work on the Snapmaker Original. Does anyone have a template I can use, that will work the 80 squared millimeter wood that you can purchase from Snapmaker?

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the web templates that you have found… can you not re-scale them?

@doug, your back!!! Welcome and its great to see you!!

So far… they seem to be all in one projects. I need to find something that will let you do one side at a time.

I’ve tried copying and pasting to make my own project that creates additional challenges.

I am looking to learn how to do this, just not the most difficult and expensive way possible.

Are they images? You could use inkscape to split them apart into separate files.

You could also try taking the templates for the large pieces and scaling them down? And example of the kind of project your looking for would help i think.

Luban includes a sample “Laser Cut Gift Box” for the A150 that could fit on the v1 (with an alternatively clamping system). The box is pretty small to fit the whole project in a 120mm square, about 3cm to a side.

I would start with that sample. Scale it up to the size you want, and cut it apart into individual pieces. I don’t have any suggestions for an SVG editor though. A quick google turned out several web based free-to-use editors, but I haven’t tried any of them. On my Mac, the files are on disk in

/Applications/Snapmaker Luban.app/Contents/Resources/app/resources/user-case/A150/Laser_test_A150.svg
/Applications/Snapmaker Luban.app/Contents/Resources/app/resources/user-case/A250/CNC_test_A250.svg
/Applications/Snapmaker Luban.app/Contents/Resources/app/resources/user-case/A250/Laser_test_A250.svg
/Applications/Snapmaker Luban.app/Contents/Resources/app/resources/user-case/A350/CNC_test_A350.svg
/Applications/Snapmaker Luban.app/Contents/Resources/app/resources/user-case/A350/Laser_test_A350.svg

If you’re on windows or linux, I’m sure you can find the Program Files directory or binary install location.

The tricky part is how you want to do the legs. My thought would be to modify the two side with tabs that point down (the matched pair on either the right or left side; the shorter tabs are the bottom). Elongate the outermost downward facing tab to make the box sit off the ground.

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