Temp Tower Gcode

I am having a bear of a time trying to print a simple Temp Tower.
I know the concept, the STL is just the tower, the gcode should change the temp by “x” degrees each layer. I’ve follower youtube tutorials on how to do this (using Cura as there are none for Luban). I import the gcode to the machine and it either does nothing, or prints a base layer and stops. Banging my head on the wall here.
Does anyone have a gcode file for a simple temp tower?

@xchrisd posted several pre-sliced temperature towers in this thread: 3d Print Guide_Walk Through (expand section 4 in the first post). Just pick one suited to your machine and filament type.


Also some here:

Are you trying to run from luban or are you transferring the gcode to the SM and running from there?


Users can insert G-code command to set different temperature values to create a temp tower.

Step 1, Find the layers in Snapmaker Luban.

After you generate G-code in Snapmaker Luban, you can see the number of layers in the 3D printing section.

Please find the layers in which you want to change the temperature.

Luban151330×944 879 KB

Step 2, Insert M600 in G-code file

  • Open the G-code file in VS code or other text editors

You can find use Ctrl + F to find the layers, in which you want to switch the filament, and then insert M104 S190 before the layers start.

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Thanks everyone for the tips!

I saved the gcode to a file and opened it and ran it with Luban.

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