Suggestion: enable multiple runs for laser module

would it be possible to add a “multiple runs”-option in the snapmaker js software for the laser module?
As i just found out, running a laser project for one run at Speed 25 is clearly not the same as running it 4 times at speed 100.
In the first scenario you will get massive burned edges in your design, so lower speeds are not an option.

If you want to cut trough 2mm+ plywood (like advertised in the promo vid), and you want results with sharp edges, you have to run your gcode at least 5 times.
So, it would be really nice to have the option to do that automatically in SnapmakerJS



@Henning Thanks for your feedback! For leather cutting, we also run the G-code multiple times (but seems seldom users complain about this).

And for the 80x80x1.5 mm plywood (in our vid), using our new fine tune feature (in v2.4.2) we need only one run to cut (of course with 1600mW laser).

thanks for your response,

could you explain how to use the fine tune feature to achieve that?
Or maybe its documented somewhere already?!

Am I over simplifying - if you ran the laser multiple times but each time lowering by 0.1 mm (or smaller) could you cut thicker wood things? Looking at the focal length perhaps centimetres? (Allowing for pauses to prevent over heating - which could be built in)

thats a good idea!
-and an ideal task for implementing it as a feature into software! :slight_smile:

I just tried three times with a 0.2 mm lowering between passes @ 28mm/minute. That didn’t work for a 2.5mm piece. I may still be going too fast. May try again.

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I also failed using the fine tune feature for a 2,5mm thick piece of plywood.
Could snapmaker please explain how to achieve this with just one run for the laser (1.6W)?

@Henning @harry
I didn’t say just one run to cut thicker wood of 2.5mm, but we’ve tested 1.5mm plywood (the one in snapmaker store) using the focused Z chosen by the fine tune feature (work speed 80, power 100%) and that’s why we implemented the feature and hope it helpful.

The multiple passes can be implemented, but still the step depth of each pass is very depended on the material and the work parameters set by the software. You will need several experiments to find the parameters fit for you.

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thanks for the infos; so, even if we have to find out the feedrate/Z offset, the option for multiple runs would be really handy!!
Is there a thread to bring in suggestions for the software “officially”?

regarding the fine tune feature:

so, did i get that right:
for using the fine tune feature, you have to

-click the “create & load gcode” button in the fine tune window
(design is then replaced by the fiducials)
-burn the fiducials into your (test)material
-choose the mark that cut through the material
-set your speed/power respectively
-set up your material/woodplate
-load your design again
-run the laser

Could you please confirm / complete the workflow